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Our Story Begins In San Diego

One of the things we always loved growing up was our Mom’s Buffalo Chicken dip, so it was the obvious choice to bring to potlucks and work events. It was gone as soon as we set it on the table! Every potluck thereafter, our coworkers kept asking us to bring it in. Once more and more coworkers, friends and family started asking us to make it, that’s when the lightbulb lit up for both of us: we could start our own business selling the dip. 


So in April 2020, we decided to create our own food service called Buff Chick. We’re still new and have a long road ahead of us. Through this entrepreneurial journey, we’ve come to redefine what failure is; each failure being an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and become better for it!


"The best buffalo chicken dip I've ever had, once you start you can't stop"

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